Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Beaumont

A child’s first visit to the dentist can be a little scary, just like any new experience. The team at West End Dental enjoys gently treating the little smiles of the community during a children’s dentistry appointment. We like to begin working with children around the ages of three or four, to give enough time for most of their baby teeth to grow in.

We’re happy to help children achieve optimal oral health, so please call us today to schedule their examination.

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Exams & Cleanings for Kids

During every children’s dentistry appointment, we carefully check each child’s teeth for any signs of cavities or decay. If we detect anything troublesome, we will discuss the best course of treatment. After examining the child’s mouth, we will perform a gentle cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the enamel.

During the cleaning, we’ll review the basics of dental hygiene with them, just to refresh their memory. After all, kids are busy people and may forget information easily! To keep them in the loop about the best way to care for their teeth, we’ll simply reteach them brushing and flossing tips.

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Dental Sealants

While learning their oral care routine, it may be difficult for children to reach some of the deepest areas of their mouth. This includes the molars and premolars, both of which are actually some of the most difficult areas to clean. With dental sealants, we can effectively paint thin plastic coverings over their most vulnerable teeth. This protects them from food debris and bacteria for at least ten years, giving them plenty of time to perfect their oral care habits and reduce their risk of cavities.

Fluoride Treatments

Children are at much higher risk of developing tooth decay than the average patient, so it’s especially important their preventive dental care is closely managed. With routine fluoride applications accompanying their checkups and cleanings, we can protect their developing tooth enamel, reduce the risk of decay, and ensure their baby teeth fall out when they’re supposed to. Application only takes a few minutes, is totally painless, and offers long-term protection up until their next appointment!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We know protecting children’s teeth is important. However, bacteria can show up in ways we didn’t see coming. If a cavity appears, the good news is we can treat it, and prevent future damage to the child’s developing teeth, whether it was a baby tooth or a permanent one. Instead of using silver amalgam to restore teeth, we use tooth-colored composite resin, a material that may be shaded to match the child’s current enamel without sacrificing protection.

Athletic Mouthguards

For those who participate in a sport, dental protection is available. We create custom-fitted mouthguards to protect teeth from impact and injury during a game or practice. Since our mouthguards are custom-made, they’re far more comfortable to wear, and way more effective at protecting a child’s developing teeth. No more “forgetting” to bring their mouthguard to practice. The West End Dental team wants to protect everyone’s teeth inside and outside our office.

Trusted Children’s Dental Care

At West End Dental, our team is committed to helping children have great dental experiences and getting the care they need. Book an appointment today, contact us for more information.
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Pediatric Dentistry in Beaumont, TX