Root Canal Therapy in Beaumont

Get right to the problem with root canal therapy from West End Dental Group.

root canals lumbertonDo you have a persistent toothache? If you’ve checked that nothing visible is causing the pain, such as food lodged between your teeth, and it hasn’t subsided for a day or so, you’ll need to see a dentist immediately. Chances are that you’ll need to have root canal therapy to heal your injured tooth. At West End Dental Group, we can carefully examine your smile to determine whether or not you would benefit from this technique.

Root Canal Therapy at West End Dental Group

Dental pain that calls for a root canal is caused by the presence of bacteria inside of the tooth. During root canal therapy, we’ll go into the tooth to the source of the infection. From there, we will flush out any bacteria and remove deteriorated parts of the tooth, which helps stabilize the overall structure of the tooth. To complete the process, we will cap off the tooth with a realistic looking dental crown in order to prevent germs from reentering the area. This is a routine procedure that we perform at West End Dental Group, and it’s only used as a last resort. A root canal is always a viable alternative to needing to have a tooth extracted! Keep your smile secure and healthy with help from our Beaumont team.

Please call us today to schedule an immediate dental appointment for root canal therapy. We see patients from Beaumont, Vidor, Lumberton, Nederland, and other Texas towns for root canal therapy. If this is going to be your first time in our care, please take a moment to review the information on our new patient page.