Children’s Dentistry in Beaumont

Keep your kids healthy with children’s dentistry from West End Dental Group.

childrens dentist 77706A child’s first visit to the dentist can be a little scary, just like any new experience. The team at West End Dental Group enjoys gently treating the little smiles of the community during a children’s dentistry appointment. We like to begin helping children around the ages of three or four, which gives them enough time for most of their baby teeth to grow in. We’re happy to help your child achieve optimal oral health, so please call us today to schedule your loved one’s examination.

During every children’s dentistry appointment, we carefully check each of your child’s teeth for any signs of cavities or decay. If we spot anything troublesome, we will show you the best course of treatment. After we see that your child’s mouth is cavity-free, we’ll perform a gentle deep cleaning in order to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the enamel.

As your child’s teeth are being cleaned, we’ll review the basics of dental hygiene with them just to refresh their memory. After all, kids are busy people and can forget information easily. To keep them in the loop about the best way to care for their teeth, we’ll simply reteach them brushing and flossing tips.