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4 Tips to Snack Smart for a Healthy Smile

February 13, 2020

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woman holding an apple after visiting her dentist in BeaumontThe foods you eat can impact your waistline, but did you know they also affect your smile? Although everyone craves a sweet treat, if you aren’t careful it can leave a lasting mark on your oral health. While it’s fine to give in to your sweet tooth from time-to-time, your dentist in Beaumont has 4 simple tips to snack smart to protect your teeth from any unnecessary complications.

Maintain a Cavity-Free Smile

The biggest threat to your smile is tooth decay. Although it’s preventable, 92% of adults have had at least one cavity in a permanent tooth. Improper oral hygiene habits at home and infrequent dental care significantly increase your risk of one, but those aren’t the only factors.

The foods and drinks you consume can increase the likeliness for a cavity, especially those containing natural and artificial sugars, like fructose. When sugars combine with the bacteria in your mouth, it causes the sticky plaque on your teeth to become acidic. When it isn’t immediately removed, it will slowly eat away at your enamel until it forms a cavity.

You don’t have to avoid your favorite treats to protect your smile, but it’s important to limit the frequency that you consume them. Your dentist also recommends you keep a few additional tips in mind:

1. Eat sweets with your meal.

You’ve always been told you need to finish your dinner before having your dessert; however, your dentist recommends you eat your sweets with your meal. Your saliva production increases while you are eating, which helps wash away harmful sugars that can linger on your teeth.

2. Grab crispy fruits or vegetables.

If you can’t get to your toothbrush right away after your snack, grab a crispy vegetable or fruit, like celery or an apple. The crispiness acts like a scrub brush to clean your teeth in between meals.

3. Drink plenty of water.

Water is essential for staying hydrated, but it also cleans your mouth. It’s best to choose water over sugary drinks. If you need a little sweetness, add some fresh fruit to your glass of water.

4. Don’t eat before going to bed.

We’ve all had a late-night craving for something sweet but eating too close to bedtime and without brushing your teeth allows harmful sugars to sit on your teeth. It’s best to stick to a nightly oral hygiene routine and commit to not snacking after you’ve cleaned your teeth.

Snack Smart for a Healthy Smile

Besides caring for your smile at home, don’t forget to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. With a proactive approach to your dental health, you can ensure your teeth last for a lifetime.

About Dr. Suzette Parker

Dr. Suzette Parker strives to build personalized relationships with each patient. She pays attention to detail to ensure nothing is overlooked to help you reach your oral health goals. Through a focus on prevention, Dr. Parker will help you invest in a healthy smile. If it’s time for your next cleaning and checkup, contact our office today for an appointment.

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