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Brush and Floss: Good Oral Habits to Teach Kids by a Children’s Dentist in Beaumont

July 5, 2019

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a baby having its teeth brushedChildren learn so much as they grow older. From colors, shapes, and sizes, to Algebra, Trigonometry, and Statistics, their brains are capable of soaking in a wealth of information. But one of the most important is how to take care of their teeth and gums. Children should learn good oral habits starting at a young age, as it will carry with them through their teenage years and into adulthood. If you’re struggling to help your child maintain good oral hygiene, let a children’s dentist in Beaumont explain why it’s important they learn these habits before it’s too late.

The Importance of Good Oral Health at an Early Age

From the moment your child’s first tooth erupts through the gum line, you’ll need to break out the baby toothbrush and training toothpaste. Baby teeth play a significant role in the success and health of your child’s permanent adult teeth, so taking them care of them the moment they make their appearance in the mouth is crucial.

If cavities and tooth decay begin to develop at an early age, it is more likely that your child will have problems with cavities as they grow older. This means more time and money spent at the dentist office getting cavities filled. And what can start as cavities can quickly progress into more serious problems such as an infection in the inner layers of the tooth or gum disease.

They may not always like it, but you’ll be doing yourself and your child a favor by insisting they maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

Tips to Instilling Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Children need encouragement, and as the parent, it is your job to help them learn new things, especially how best to take care of their teeth and gums. Your dentist will happily work alongside you, offering preventive care, but while at home, you’ll need to make sure your child is taking care of their teeth.

To help you in this effort, here are some oral hygiene habits you can begin to teach your child:

  • Brushing and Flossing: Your child should be brushing their teeth twice a day for a full two minutes. They should also be flossing. If the two-minute mark is proving difficult, set a timer or turn on some music to make it enjoyable.
  • Opting for Water: Instead of handing your child a soda to drink, give them a cup of water. This is not only a better option, as water has no sugar, but it will also keep them hydrated and their mouths from drying out, which can cause bad breath.
  • Eating Nutrient-Rich Foods: Similar to the soda-water scenario, don’t load your kids up on sugary, starchy foods that can lead to cavities. Instead, make sure they’re getting the proper serving of fruits and vegetables each day, and incorporate whole grains, low-fat or fat-free dairy, and lean proteins.
  • It’s All in the Routine: It’s important that your child has a routine, and part of that should include brushing and flossing each morning and every night before they go to bed. If they’re having trouble keeping to this routine, try to make it a family affair.

Put your child’s oral health on the right track at an early age. Their young teeth need the highest level of care in preparation for permanent adult teeth, so use the above-mentioned tips, and you’ll begin to see a positive difference in your child’s smile.

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