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Points to Consider When Getting Dental Implants in Beaumont

March 6, 2018

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An illustration of dental implants.In the past, the only solution for replacing teeth was dentures. While this solution looked good enough for most people, it often came with many downsides. Not only would they not last for more than 5 years on average, but they weren’t foolproof. Tasks like eating and talking could still be difficult, especially once they got close to needing replacement. Plus, you’d need to take on more routine maintenance to make them last. If you’re considering replacements for teeth, such as dental implants in Beaumont, your dentist thinks you should keep these facts in mind.

While the process for dental implants is long and they can be expensive, it’s still considered the most natural and cost-effective solution for replacing teeth.

Dental Implants Have a Very High Success Rate

If you’re concerned about whether your dental implants will integrate, keep in mind that their success rate is incredibly high across the board, specially when carried out by an implant specialist. Dental implants have success rates up to 95 percent, even over a 10-year period.

As long as you practice regular oral care and avoid products that harm the healing process, such as tobacco, there’s no reason your dental implants in Beaumont won’t last an entire lifetime. This is largely due to the method they use to integrate with your body and not rest on top of it like dentures or dental bridges do.

Dental Implants Are Not Like Typical Replacement Teeth

Dentures and bridges can help you rebuild your smile, but they don’t solve future problems you’re likely to run into later. For example, tooth roots stimulate bone and allow blood flow to the mouth and jaw, so losing a tooth disrupts this process. Over time, your bone will start to resorb, or move to other areas of the body where it’s needed.

Dental implants act as prosthetic tooth roots and allow this stimulation to occur once again. This way, your jaw remains strong, your cheeks and gums continue to receive blood flow, and your face retains its elasticity, preventing it from sagging as you age.

Implants Look Natural and Protect Your Other Teeth

When the crown for dental implants is created, it’s designed to match the rest of your teeth. Your friends and family won’t be able to distinguish your implants from your natural teeth because they are so customized. Additionally, the crown used in dental crowns is organic, which means it can’t get cavities like natural teeth.

Unlike dental implants, bridges usually require some reduction of your remaining tooth to install. With a dental implant, you can position a crown or bridge on the dental implant itself, helping you retain your tooth enamel and rebuild your smile. This is especially appealing if you plan on replacing multiple teeth or even an entire arch.

Looking to discuss the best treatment plan with your dentist? Schedule an implant consultation with them today to see how dental implants in Beaumont work to restore your smile for life!

About the Author

Dr. Michael R. Olson earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas. Dr. Olson enjoys being a dentist because the profession is ever-changing. To provide patients the best care possible, he continues his education in many facets of dentistry. For his efforts, the Beaumont community awarded him the title of Best Dentist in 2013. To learn more about his dental implant treatments and practice, contact him at (409) 860-9600 or visit his website.

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