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Dentist Offers Tips for Good Oral Health Between Dental Visits

August 29, 2017

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toothbrushes in a cupVisiting your dentist in Beaumont twice a year is a vital part of making sure that your smile stays beautiful and healthy. However, your dental care provider isn’t the only one responsible for your oral health. Between visits to that big chair in the dentist’s office, there are steps you can take to show your teeth and gums the love they deserve.


You should brush your teeth at least twice a day; the habit should be as natural to you as breathing. Be gentle when you’re brushing so you don’t accidentally damage your tooth enamel, and use a brush with soft bristles along with a non-abrasive toothpaste (although a slightly abrasive toothpaste may be better for you if you use tobacco).


Don’t neglect flossing! Some people fool themselves into thinking that flossing is unnecessary, but that simply isn’t true. Floss can remove food particles and other substances that get lodged in the tiny spaces between your teeth. If you don’t floss, those sneaky little bits can lead to tooth decay and other issues.


Use a fluoride-containing mouth rinse once or twice a day. The fluoride is amazing for your teeth because it promotes remineralization — basically, it can help restore little tiny bits of enamel that chip away. It keeps your teeth strong and protected from the elements.

Clean Your Tongue

Your tongue can become a cozy home for bacteria. Be sure to clean it often. You can use your toothbrush and a bit of toothpaste, but for the most thorough clean possible, use a tongue scraper. It can help your breath smell better by reducing the production of odor-causing compounds.

Keep Your Mouth Moist

Saliva is one of your mouth’s safeguards against bacteria; a dry mouth can lead to increased tooth decay. Be sure you drink plenty of water. If you take a medication that causes dry mouth or for some other reason you don’t have a sufficient amount of saliva, you might be able to help yourself out by sucking on sugar-free candy, using a rinse that is made to treat dry mouth, and being careful to breathe through your nose.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is oral health’s worst enemy. Do your best to avoid foods very sweet foods. Enjoying fruit is usually okay, but try to stay away from fruit juice because it has such a high concentration of the sweet stuff.

When you do indulge in a treat, mitigate the damage it can do. Drink plenty of water along with it, don’t take too long to consume it, and brush your teeth about an hour or so after you’re done eating.

Do you want to have a healthy mouth? Keep up good habits between visits to your family dentist in Beaumont so your smile can shine brightly!

About the Dentist

Dr. Michael Olson is a Texas native who is proud to serve the Beaumont community. He provides general dentistry services to help patients maintain fantastic oral health. If you have questions about how best to care for your pearly whites, contact Dr. Olson and the rest of the team at West End Dental Group at 409-860-9600.

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