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Dentist in Beaumont Has Five Secrets for a Healthy Mouth

October 31, 2016

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dentist in beaumont on oral healthYou came here looking for the five secrets for a healthy mouth. We’ll go ahead and give you a spoiler — they’re not really so secret. You already know the basics of good oral and dental health are found in regular brushing, flossing, and six month visits to the dentist in Beaumont. We haven’t reinvented the wheel here, we’ve just thought of some helpful hacks for making these habits easier. Learn more about how to keep your mouth happy and healthy in five simple steps!

#1: Set a two-minute timer on your phone

You know you should brush your teeth regularly. That means cleaning them for two minutes, twice a day. Focus on each quadrant of your teeth for 30 seconds at a time. Having trouble reaching the two minute mark? Set the timer on your phone.

Some other ideas you can try out include listening to your favorite song, or throwing in a little exercise to your routine. Try to do four sets of twenty squats, and you may notice your leg strength improving along with your teeth.

#2: Buy a reusable water bottle

Keeping your mouth well-hydrated is one secret to enjoying good tooth and gum health, but it’s something a lot of people don’t think about. When your mouth has plenty of fluid, it’s easy for it to wash away the bacteria and food particles that cause plaque and cavities. That’s why “morning breath” is a thing — it’s the odor that occurs after a long night without any hydration, when bacteria multiplies for hours.

During your next mid-afternoon slump, sip on pure H2O for fresher breath and a cleaner mouth.

#3: Keep a physical record

Without a doubt, flossing is one of the most difficult habits to create and keep up with. It takes time, and it’s not always easy to see the benefits — the thing that makes sweeping the floor or making your bed in the morning feel good.

One of the best ways to create that positive feeling you get when you see results is to keep a physical record of your habit. This can be especially helpful for children, but it works for you, too. Each time you floss, place a little tick mark on a calendar. If you make it past a couple of weeks, you’ll realize how everyday flossing really adds up. And they say it takes 14 days to create a habit — so by then, floss should be something you don’t feel complete without.

#4: Visit your partner in oral health

The final key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums is to keep up with your regular visits to the dentist. We recommend that patients of all ages undergo a checkup and cleaning every six months — whether you think you need one or not. It’s our opportunity to clean off the plaque and tartar that cause cavities and gum disease, and to check for the warning signs of issues that require restorative care.

When was your last visit to West End Dental Group? Don’t ignore your appointments with the family dentist in Beaumont. Request an appointment online today!

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