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Important Oral Hygiene Tasks You’re Probably Forgetting

December 30, 2015

oral hygieneIt’s been awhile since you were taught the basics of oral hygiene, and you’ve learned a few things since — how to drive a car, for example. That’s why we think it’s about time you had a little oral hygiene refresher, just in time for the New Year. Are you leaving these important oral hygiene tasks out of your morning and night time routine? If so, your overall health could suffer as a result. Keep reading to find out more from your dentist in Beaumont, Dr. Michael Olson.

Don’t Forget These Key Oral Hygiene Steps

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is about more than brushing, but that’s vital, too. Commit this good oral hygiene list to memory and watch your oral health improve during 2016.

#1: Flossing

For whatever reason, too many adults believe that flossing is optional, but believe us when we say that flossing is absolutely mandatory for good oral health. It’s the only way to remove the leftover food particles and bacteria your toothbrush just can’t reach, and if you need proof of its effectiveness, just smell your used floss the next time you’ve skipped a few days. We’re warning you — it will not be pleasant.

#2: Brushing Your Tongue

Bacteria can collect on your tongue just as easily as it can gather around your gums and on your teeth, so why do we often ignore the vulnerable area while we’re brushing? Rid your tongue of the bacteria it harbors by gently brushing it for about 30 seconds after you’ve cleaned the rest of your teeth. Your oral health (not to mention your breath) will improve as a result.

#3: Putting In Those Two Minutes

Sometimes you’re late for work, or just really looking forward to crawling into bed… but there’s never a good excuse to cut corners brushing. Make sure you’re getting in two minutes in the morning and the evening to fully clean your teeth and gums. Brush each quadrant for 30 seconds each — try setting a stopwatch until you’re used to what it feels like.

#4: Rinsing With Water

This step is something to keep in mind throughout the day, when sugary snacks, beverages and chewing gum make the mouth vulnerable to an onslaught of decay-causing agents. It’s ok to indulge once in awhile, but make a habit out of rinsing your mouth with water when you do. The step goes far in ridding the mouth of sugar, and pretty soon it’ll be a clean feeling your mouth craves.

#5: Mouthwash

Let’s start this part out by saying one thing: mouthwash should never, ever replace solid brushing or flossing. That said, it can be a good extra step for ridding your mouth of unwanted bacteria, especially during the day. Give your teeth a refreshing swish in the afternoon for fresher breath and healthier teeth and gums.

#6: Visiting Your Dentist Every Six Months

They’re not optional: these six month visits to your dentist are a cornerstone of every good oral hygiene routine. Twice annual checkups are Dr. Olson’s chance to check your mouth for the small signs of larger problems, like tooth decay, gum disease and even oral cancer.

If it’s been more than six months since your last cleaning and examination, please contact our office today.

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